Assessment questions

A. Prominent Traditional leaders

1. Name 4 prominent traditional leaders

2. Describe the system of government of the Buganda people.

3. State actors that led to the rise of the Nyamwezi


B. The Khoi Khoi and the San

1. What factor determined the size of each Khoi Khoi community?

2. Descibe the government of The San

3. List the similarities between the San and the Khoi Khoi


C. Old Ghana

1. Describe the system of government in Old Ghana.

2. What are the functions of the king in old Ghana.

3. What lead to the decline of the old Ghana.


D. Early visitors

1. Name 6 places where earliest traders in Eastern Africa came from.

2. Name 3 reasons why missionaries come to Africa.

3. Name 5 benefits of the coming of early visitorsto Africa.


F. Effect of colonial rule

1. Name 4 negative effects of colonial rule.

2. Name 6 positive effects of colonial rule.


G. Africa reaction to colonial rule

1. Name 4 leaders who resisted colonial rule.

2. List 3 results of the Hehe rebellion.

3. What were the results of Lewanika collaboration with the Europeans.


H. Struggle for independence in Kenya

1. Name 3 people who were imprisoned withJomo Kenyatta.

2. List 3 leaders who were members of Mau Mau.

3. Who was the first president of KASU?


I. Africa, scramble & partition

1. State 3 reasons for the scramble of Africa

2. Explain

    a. direct rule

    b. indirect rule

    c. assimilation


J. East African Association

1. Who was the founder of East African Association?

2. List 3 reasons for formation of Young Kikuyu Association (YKA)

3. Name the members of African members in the Legislative Council before 1960


K. Political Developments in Kenya since 1963

1. What is the difference between multi-party democracy and single party democracy?

2. Name 3 results of the first Lancaster House conference

3. Describe the struggle for Independence in Zimbabwe


L. Present government system

1. Name 4 similarities between the governments of Kenya and Swaziland

2. Name 6 differences between the governments of Kenya and Swaziland


M. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

1. Kenyatta's real name was?

2. When did Kenyatta

   a. become the Prime Minister of Kenya?

   b. become the first President of Kenya?

   c. die?

3. Give 6 contributions of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to the Republic of Kenya.


N. Daniel arap Moi

1. When was Daniel Moi

    a. nominated to the LegCo?

    b. elected in LegCo to represent the Fifr Valley region?

    c. involved in the formation of KADU?

    d. appointed the minister of Home Affairs?

    e. appointed the vice-president of Kenya?

    f. sworn in as the secound president of Kenya?

2. Briefly, explain any ten achievements of Moi during during his tenure as a president.


O. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

1. He was elected to the LegCo in the year ____ to represent ____.

2. In 1966, he formed a political party called?

3. State 5 achievents of Oginga Odinga as a political leader in Kenya.


P. Prof. Wangari Maathai

1. State 3 benefits of the Green Belt movement in Kenya.

2. In which year was she awarded the Nobel Prize?

3. State 5 achievents of Prof. Wangari Maathai in Kenya.