Leisure & personal growth

(1 Samuel 16:23)


  • Leisure activities can help us develop emotionally, spiritually and physically.

  • During leisure, we involve ourselves in activities that use a lot of energy such as drama, dancing or sports.

  • Such activities help us to be strong and healthy.

  • There are other activities that may require less energy such as singing, watching movies or playing games.

  • God wants us to utilise our talents to the glory and honour of His name.

  • In 1 Samuel 16:23, we see how David would play his harp to soothe King Saul whenever an evil spirit came upon the king.

  • Leisure time can be used to help us get relief and relaxation in our lives.

  • The activities that we perform during leisure time can help us avoid stress, depression, evil thoughts or getting involved with bad company.