Misuse of Leisure

(Genesis 9:20 - 25)


  • Sometimes people may involve themselves in unproductive activities during leisure time.
  • Such activities include:

a) Watching or reading pornographic material.

b) Taking drugs such as alcohol and bhang.

c) Indulging in pre-marital sex, which leads to unwanted pregnancies, early       marriages and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

d) Involving oneself in groups that may lead one to bad behaviours such as       rape, stealing, killing and school strikes.

  • Such activities do not help one develop emotionally, physically or spiritually.
  • The result of the misuse of leisure is very expensive in that those who do bad things end up becoming a burden to others and more so to their parents or guardians.

  • People who take drugs are not able to take care of themselves or others.

  • We need to remember that God wants us to spend our time wisely for the glory of His name.

  • During leisure time, He wants us to do good work that will benefit others and ourselves.