Leisure & family

Leisure and the family

(Luke 1:39 - 56, 2:41 - 51, John 2:1 - 11)


  • It is God’s wish that families live, share and pray together.

  • Most families rarely meet due to the nature of their work or the many responsibilities of daily life.

  • In most families, children go to school, younger ones remain at home with those who take care of them, while the parents go to work.

  • Families usually gather again in the evening after the activities of a busy day.

  • Families that spend their leisure time together help promote understanding amongst themselves.

  • They also appreciate one another’s abilities.

  • They can worship together.

  • Most extended families meet during weddings, birthday parties, Christmas and Easter holidays, or other public holidays like Madaraka Day and Labour Day.

  • When families meet they are able to exchange their ideas and this helps them grow spiritually.

  • In Luke 1:39-56 we read that Mary, the mother of Jesus, visited her relative Elizabeth with whom she shared the word of God and prayed with.

  • Luke 2:41-51 tells us that Jesus together with His parents went to Jerusalem for the Passover feast.

  • He also went with His parents to a wedding in Cana of Galilee where He performed His first miracle of turning water into wine.