Assessment questions

A) Meaning of leisure

1. What is leisure?

2. Give two differences between active and passive leisure?

3. Which of the following statements is NOT true abaut leisure

   A. Leisure is the time we are free from work we do daily

   B.  A professional footballer can't have leisure when playing football

   C. Leisure leads to laziness

   D. Leisure can be used to do activities that please God

4. The form of leisure shown in the picture alongside is

5. Which of the following is an active leisure activity?

   A. Watching movies

   B. Playing soccer

   C. Watching soccer on TV

   D. Listerning to music

6. Which of the following is a passive leisure activity?

   A. Singing     B. Swimming        C. Playing darts     D. Reading 

B) Leisure today and in traditional African communities

1. Name three traditional African activity

2. Explain the importance of leisure in traditional African society

3. Which of the following statement is TRUE about leisure in traditional African society?

   A. Leisure was for old people 

   B. Leisure was a communual activity

   C. Leisure was for the young

   D. People wactched TV for leisure

4. All the following statements provide various forms of leisure

   A. Leisure is an indiviual affair

   B. It is good to have leisure after work

   C. Electronic equipments provide various forms of leisure

   D. Leisure ia a waste of time

C) Uses of leisure

1. Explain four reasons of leisure

2. The MAIN reason to engage in physical exescise is 

   A. It is good for our health

   B. It reduces boredom

   C. It makes us so tired we cannot engage in unacceptable behaviour

   D. It is cheap formof leisure

3. Explain how leisure can help one in

   (i) Mental growth

   (ii) Spiritual growth

   (iii) social growth

   (iv) cultural development

D) Christian activities during leisure

1. Name four christian leisure activities

2. Which of the following is NOT a christian leisure activity

   A. Dancing       B. Singing             C. visiting the sick           D. Bull-fighting

3. What lessons can we learn from the visit Mary the mother of Jesus paid Elizabeth when both were pregnant

4. The MAIN reason Christian should set aside some time to rest is because

   A. They can become sick if they do not rest

   B. God rested on the seventh day of creation 

   C. Gog will punish all who never rest

   D. Doctors encourage us to rest

E) Misuse of leisure

1. Name four activites that are a misuse of leisure?

2. Explain three negative effects of misuse of leisure.

3. The biblical character who once got so brunk that he lay naked in his tent was 

   A. Moses     B. Noah         C. Abraham        D. Jacob

F) Leisure and unemployment

1. Difference between leisure and unemployement

2. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

   A. Unemployment is voluntary

   B. Unemployment is interesting

   C. We should rest for days than those we work

   D. We can be self-employed

3. Explain the teaching of Apostle Paul on work