Shaka—The Nation Builder



Shaka — The nation builder Shaka ka Sezangakhona Nodumehlezi,

Oh Bayete! Says I will shake the earth

He wields his short strong spear

And takes his cowhide shield

He drills his army dry

And hounds his foes away

Shaka just sweeps and conquers

In whirlwind Mfecane

Some flee to Zimbabwe

Mzilikazi goes there to stay

Zwide of the Ndwandwe

Fights Shaka all the way

They meet again in

Phongola Zwide goes down and out

Shaka has secret enemies

Brother Dingane is one

In Kwadukuza near

Stanger Shaka is badly speared

Shaka says “oh my brother”

You think you’ll come to rule

But look high up the skies

The Swallows, here they come

Nodumehlezi, oh Bayete!

The one who shook the earth.

He built a mighty nation

Shaka ka Sezangakhona