Nzinga of Matamba


Nzinga of Matamba — Warrior Queen of Angola


Nzinga of Matamba —

Warrior Queen of Angola

Nzinga, Queen of Matamba

She zinged and zapped and zinged

Nzinga born as Njinga

Said you must call me King

A governor from far away

To Matamba came one day

He said , I want your Kingdom

And all your men as slaves

Nzinga said no, never

The governor then hired some imbangala*

And fought from the fortress

Ambaca Nzinga went to Kidonga

And waged a war from Kavanga

The governor said “lets talk”

Sit on the floor, that mat

Nzinga said, no never

You shall call me King

More Governors waged war on Matamba

Nzinga just zinged and zapped

For thirty years she fought.

And always led from the front

The King stands tall in Luanda

In Kinaxixi square

And if you fall in love

Blessings from her, zip zap

*Imbangala: Mercenaries