Hannibal — The Legend


The legend Hannibal crossed the Alps

Hannibal crossed the Alps

With thirty-seven war elephants

And twenty thousand men

Hannibal then marched to Rome

Some asked why, oh Hannibal?

Why want to destroy the Romans?

He tweaked his beard and whispered

I do not wish to destroy the Romans

Am contesting for glory and empire

The Romans caused this war

Hannibal crossed the Alps

To Ticinus, Trebia and Trasimene

The Romans fled in fear

They clashed again in Cannae

Hannibal clanked and crushed

Seventy thousand Romans

Were lost just in one day

Then Hannibal went to Rome

Hannibal was at the gates.

The Romans shook in terror

Ran to their temples in horror

They prayed throughout the day.

Hannibal was at the gates.

There was the Roman Scipio

He took the war to Africa

Hannibal went home to fight

At the battle of Zama Zama

 zama , zama, zama

Scipio did win this one

He used the tactics of Hannibal

Helped by Numidian horsemen

And became the Roman Hannibal

Hannibal is at the gates,

hey ho Hannibal is at the gates

All you naughty ones, watch out!

Hannibal is now at the door