Makeda — Queen of Sheba



Makeda — Queen of Sheba

Come into the garden of spice

Perfect love has no price Makeda, Queen of Sheba

Went to seek wise King Solomon

She travelled the breadth of the Sahara

With twenty tonnes of spice.

But no, she came not for Solomon

She came to test the King

With many tough, tough questions…

But Solomon passed the test

King Solomon passed the test.

The whole of Judah marveled

At the beautiful African Queen

Who loved to search for wisdom

Rather than spice and gold

Solomon dined the Queen

In a royal banquet Solomon wined the Queen

In his royal gardens Solomon waltzed the Queen

In a royal dance…

Then Solomon kissed the Queen

King Solomon kissed the Queen.

The Queen gave birth to Menelik

Oh how handsome he was

The Queen of Sheba and Solomon

Made Menelik the King of Sheba

Makeda went back to Africa

Her sweet beloved Sheba

Back to gardens of spice

Perfect love has no price.