Assessment questions

A. Choose the correct word from the brackets and complete the sentences.

1. Mother bought some (currant, current) for the cake.

2. The car was on (sail, sale) last weekend.

3. The wounded victim of the collapsed building gave a (loud, aloud) ( groan, grown).

4. We must (higher, hire) a motor boat at island.

5. The children broke a (pain, pane) of glass

6. The whole, (hole crowd) demonstrated in the streets.

7. (there, the) library books are on the shelf.

8. The (stationary, stationery) van distributed textbooks to the schools

9. (practise, practice) makes perfect.

10. My mother felt so (week, weak) after her sickness.

11. The sight, site of blood after the accident made me sick.

12. The (principle, principal) of the school is retiring soon.


B. Give sentences one for each word showing clearing the meaning of each homophone.

  1. stair          stare
  2. road          rode
  3. plain         plane
  4. right         write
  5. son           sun
  6. tail            tale
  7. key           quay
  8. desert        dessert
  9. sail            sale
  10. blew          blue
  11. die             dye
  12. mare          mayor
  13. scene         seen
  14. none          nun
  15. pair            pear
  16. peace         piece
  17. principal    principle
  18. sole           soul
  19. weak          week