Assessment questions

Complete the sentences using whereas and while

1. Wait for me here ______ I look for him.

2. He told me he had gone to the National Park ______ he had taken a ride across the ridges.

3. Pay the entrance fee ______ I look for someone to assist us.

4. Don't give him a chase to decieve you ______ you know the truth.

Use of 'Not only ... but also'

Join these two simple sentenses to make a compound sentense using 'not only ... but also.' 

1. Wambugu was a manson. Wambugu was an experienced plumber.

2. Peter was the top student in KCPE in our province. He was also the top student in KCSE in the whole country.

3. The gorvernment of Kenya is providing free education. The gorverment of Kenya is providing free meals to the vulnerable pupils.

4. Jane has proved good in spoken English. She has also proven extra-ordinary in her competence in written English.


Join the following sentenses using the conjuctions enclosed in brackets

1. We left home very early in the morning. We arrived very late in the evening. (despite)

2. We had enchored the ship at the horbour. It drifted away in the raging waves. (although)

3. I will noy start the voyage. I have to be assured of my safety and that of the crew. (until)

4. The captain was busy trying to communicate with another ship. The crew and passengers were busy draining the water from the desk. (while)

5. The pilot was nowhere to be seen. The air hostesses were nowhere to be seen. (neither, nor)


Underline conjuction in the folowing sentense.

1. When the cruise ship was fully boarded, we set sail to Zanzibar.

2. We worked extremely hard because we were determined to remain the first position.

3. She continued to take the killer brew although all her friengs warned her aganist it

4. Unless we leave immediately, it will be impossible to make it to the next island.

5. Tina was at the airport before anybody else because she did not want to miss the fight. 

 Complete the sentenses

1. We had _____ begun the journey _____ we received the news that we had won the race.

A. hardly ... than

B. hardly .... then

C. hardly .... when

D. hardly ... as

2. They _____ queuing _____ five hours.

A. want ... for

B. have been ... for

C. have been ... since

D. were .... since