Assesment Questions

Section A

1. What is conflict?

2. What is conflict resolution?

3. Which factors determine peace in a community or in a country?

4. Identify five causes of conflict.

5. Explain any five causes of lawlessness.

6. State five ways you would know a child is being abused.

7. Explain any four rights of a child.

8. Factors promoting national unity include _______, _______, _______, _______, ________ among others. 

9. The symbols of national unity include _______, ______, _______, ______ and _________.

10. What are the importance on national unity?


Section B

Study the map of Papua Area below and answer questions 1 - 7


1. Which of the following types of trees are likely to be found in Papua Area?

    A. Elgon teak      B. Acacia

    C. Euphobia       D. Cypress


2. What would be the reason for building an airstrip to the south eastern part of Papua Area?

     A. Presence of a game park

     B. Presence of a fishing ground

     C. Availability of a transmitter

     D. Presence of scrub vegetation


3. Lake Wami is a fresh water lake. Which types of fish are most likely to be harvested from it?

    A. Dagaa, oysters, prawns

    B. Sharks, turtles, lobsters

    C. Tilapia, mudfish, trout

    D. Whales, shrimps, lobsters


4. Where do the people living in Tena market settle their land dispute cases?

     A. Assistant chief's camp

     B. District Officer"s office

     C. District Commissioner"s office

     D. Chief's camp


5. The chief at Woka market wanted to send  an urgent message to the chief at Tena market. Which was the most appropriate means of communication for him to use?

     A. Radio               B. Telephone

     C. Mobile phone    D. Internet


6. Suppose an investor wanted to introduce a cash crop in Papua Area,which crop would be best suited for the area?

A. Sisal    B. Tea  C. Cocoa  D. Pyrethrum


7. What is the distance  of river Papua from its tributary in the middle to its mounth?

      A. 20 km      B.35 km

      C. 15km       D. 30km


8. Which one of the following is not a symbol of national unity in Kenya?

    A. The president

    B. Prime Minister

    C. The Parliament

    D. The Coat of Arms


9. The national flag is a symbol of national unity in Kenya. What does the white colour on it signify?

     A. People of Kenya

     B. Peace and unity

     C. Vegetation

     D. Blood shed by the Africans


10. Which symbol of national unity does the diagram below represent?

     A. The coat of Arms

     B. The national anthem

     C. The national flag

     D. The loyalty pledge


11. Which of the following symbols of national unity is used as a government seal?

      A. National identity card

      B. Kenya passport

      C. National badge

      D. Keyan currency 


12. The _____ is a prayer for our country.

      A. The national flag

      B. The national anthem

      C. The coat of arms 

      D. The loyalty pledge


13. In which symbol of national unity would we find th e words below?

      A. The coat of arms 

      B. The loyalty pledge

      C. The national flag

      D. The national anthem


14. What is kenya 's national motto?

      A. Nyayoism       B. Harambee

      C. Kibaki Tea      D. Yes, we can


15. The order of the Burning Spear and the Order of the Golden Heart are refreed to as

     A. National awards

     B. The presidency

     C. Loyalty pledge

     D. The Parliament


16. Which of the following is Kenya's national language?

      A. Dholuo        B. English

      C. Kikuyu         D. Kiswahili


17. How does education promote national unity?

     A. Offering the certificate of primary education

     B. Following the same system of education or curriculum

     C. Establishing national secondary schools

     D. Offering free primary education


 18. District focus for rural development and constituency development fund is one way of promoting national unity through_____.

      A. Social interaction

      B. Fair distribution of resources

      C. Creation of employment

      D. Trade


 19. The following factors promote national unity in Kenya except _____

     A. equal distribution of resources

     B. corruption in the public sector

     C. the presidency

     D. the constitution


20. John always employs members of his own tribe in his company. Which of the following factors that  undermine national unity does he practise?

    A. Tribalism   B. Racism

    C. Nepotism  D. Regionalism


21. Which of the factors listed below undermined national unity in Kenya between December 2007 and February 2008?

      A. Corruption    B. Tribalism

      C. Nepotism      D. Racism


22. Which of the following commissions was set up after the 2007 general elections in Kenya recommended the dissolution of the ECK?

      A. Waki Commission

      B. Kriegler Commission

      C. Cockar Commission

      D. Ndung'u Commission


23. For a government to promote peace,all people must have equal _____ to economic and social amenities

       A. proportions     B. right

       C. priviledges      D. services


24. Good governance is mostl likely practised in a _____ system of government.

      A. dictatorship   B. muiti-party

      C. democratic    D. one-party


25. Which of the following best explains why the  National anthem is important in Kenya?


     A. It was written when Kenya became independent

     B. It fosters unity among Kenyan citizens

     C. It is sung in all schools in Kenya and during public holidays

     D. It enables us pray for our country


26. The following are some methods used by the government to distribute  resources among its citizens.Which one promotes commmunity development  in the whole country?

      A. District focus for rural development

      B. Distribution of bursaries to all public institutions

      C. Free primary and secondary education

      D. Constituency development fund


27. Which of the following gives the correct order in which national holidays are celebrated in Kenya?

      A. Kenyatta day, Jamhuri day, Madaraka day, Moi day

      B. Jamhuri day, Madaraka day, Moi day, Kenyattaday

      C. Madaraka day, Moi day, Kenyatta day, Jamhuri day

      D. Jamhuri day, Kenyatta day, Moi day, Madaraka day


28. Which of the following factors least promotes national unity in Kenya?

      A. The constitution of Kenya

      B. English, the official language

      C. Human rights and freedoms

      D. Kiswahili, the national language


29. Mzee Kianangi shared his land between his two sons but the sons disagreed over the sizes of the land given to them . Which of the following was the best way for Mzee Kianangi to settle the dispute between his sons?


A. Selling the whole peice of land to someone else

B. Discussing the issue with other  family members and seek their opinion on the best solution

C. Ignoring the complainst and letting his sons fight each other

D. Taking back the land


30. Which one of the following activities would best unite the youth in Kenya?

A. Sports

B. Employment

C. Trade

D. Ethnic organisations