Characteristics of animals

There are very many different animals on earth. 

Some of these animals are found within our surrounding while others are not. 

Among the animals that are found in our surroundings are those that are helpful to us and others that are not helpful.

There are also others that are harmful to us. 

Animals in our locality

The animals in our locality include cows, goats, chicken, and sheep.






Some of these animals, that are kept in our homes help us in various work. We refer to these animals as DOMESTIC ANIMALS.


Animals not found in our locality

These animals include lions, zebras, gazelles, and giraffes.





These animals do not live with us and are wild animals.

Some of these wild animals are very dangerous to us.

They can injure us or even kill us for food.

Some more characteristics of animals

  1. Animals breath
  2. They feed
  3. All animals remove metabolic waste (excrete).
  4. They grow.
  5. They reproduce
  6. All animals react to changes in the surrounding environment. 
  7. All animals die, either by natural causes, old age, diseases or even accidents.

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KCPE Topical Questions 

Standard 4 

Characteristics of animals 

1. Which one of the following is a wrong practice when catching fish from a pond for family use? 

A. Using a basket                  B. Using a net
C. Using a hook and line      D. Draining all the water


2. Which of the following animals is NOT correctly matched with its characteristics?



A.   Bat

 Has mammary glands and lays eggs

B.   Whale

 Has mammary glands and gives birth to young ones

C.   Kangaroo      

 Suckles young and has constant body temperature

D.   Ant-bear

 Gives birth to young ones and has hair

3. Which one of the following animals is NOT CORRECTLY matched with the structures that cover its body?



A.   Rat


B.   Snake


C.   Porcupine   


D.   Bat


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