Assessment questions

A. Choose the best answer to question.

1. How are you feeling now?

A. Thank you very much.

B. Very ably, thank you.

C. Not at all thank you.

D. Quite well thank you.


2. When are they expected to arrive?

A. Any time now.

B. Soon enough

C. Since ten o'clock.

D. Another time.


3. How do you do ?

A. Fine thank you.

B. How do you do?

C. Very well thank you.

D. Not badly at all.


4. It is a bright day, isn't it?

A. No,it isn't

B. Yes

C. Oh yes it is.

D. Oh no, no.


5. You are four in your family, aren't you?

A. Yes, you are four in your family.

B. Yes we are four in their family.

C. Yes, we are four in your family.

D. Yes, we are four in the family.


6. When were you born ?

A. Since 1980

B. For thirteen years.

C. In 1980

D. Thirteen years old.


7. How often do you go to Nairobi?

A. In the morning.

B. Every month.

C. I went yesterday.

D. I will go next week.


8. Why do you eat?

A. For life.

B. So as to leave.

C. So as to live.

D. Because to live.


9. What is cheese made from?

A. It is made from milk

B. It is made with milk.

C. It is made inside milk.

D. It is made near milk.


10. When are you flying to Mombasa

A. I flew yesterday.

B. I have not flown.

C. I am flying in two days time.

D. I am flying for two weeks.