Assessment questions

Word building

Write the noun formed from the verb in brackets.

1. The ballon's ( ascend) was spectacular.

2. They were all present at the (commerce) of the Olympic Games.

3. The building has a new look after the (restore).

4. The farmers oplanted the seeds and are waiting for the their (germinate).

5. There is frequent (interrupt) of electricity during rainy season.

6. He made a new year (resolve) to stop smoking and drinking.

7. ' It is indeed my very great (please)  to meet you,' she said to her daughter -in-law.

8. We need more (inform) before we can act on the matter.

9. The (register) of new pupils for (admit) to Form one ended last week.

10. The (realise) that they were not alone in the Game Park after sunset comforted them.


Form suitable adjectives from the words in brackets

1. Kenya is well known for her (agriculture) exports.

2. Cobras are known to be very (poison) snake.

3. We have (rain) days in March , April and May in most parts of the country.

4. The Ostrich has very (power) hind legs.

5. He was so (care) that he dropped his school bah full of books in the pit latrine.

6. She came top of her class every term because she is such a (hardwork) girl.

7. The workmen are paid a (month) allowance for working overtime.

8. The government has shown great concern over increasing (environment) pollution.

9. She had such a (please) surprise when her uncle bought her a bicycle as a birthday present.

10. Netball is Mary's (favour) game.