Google groups

What is a Google Group?

A Google Group is a user-owned group created using the Google Groups service.

Google Groups provides a method for true communication and collaboration with group members by allowing organizations to manage and archive their mailing lists.

How do I create a Google Account so I can access the online Google Group?

Google offers many exciting and helpful features online.

If you are interested in logging into the Google Group itself (on the internet as opposed to email) you can then follow these steps to create a Google account.

If you already have a Google or G-Mail account, simply sign in to it.

If you are new to Google, click on “Create an Account Now”.

Use the email address that you would like to receive emails from the group.

This does not mean that you need to create a Gmail account.

It simply means that you need to register your already established email address with Google.

We recommend that you use the email that you access most frequently- your school address or personal address.

 Create a password

 Create a nickname

Type in the word verification  

Read the Terms of Service

Click on “I accept- Create my Account”

Creating contact groups

With contact groups you can easily organize your contacts, making it easier to email a specific set of people.

For example, if you created a contact group called "Soccer club",or a class that you teach, or parents group, you could just send a message to that group, rather than sending out an email to 50 different people.

Never leave somebody off an email again!

To create a contact group:

1. Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts.

2. Select contacts that you want to add to a group, click the Groups button. , then Create new.

3. Enter the name of the group.

4. Click OK.

To add contacts to a contact group:

1. Select the contacts in the Contacts list.

2. Click the Groups button.

3. Select the group you'd like to add the contact to, or select Create new to create a new group.

4. If you have multiple addresses saved for a contact, you can choose which address should belong to the contact group by opening the contact and clicking the small arrow next to the group you'd like to modify.