Good Behaviour

Good behavior when having a meal

- Everyone should observe good behavior while having a meal.

- This ensures that accidents such as choking or food falling from the mouth are avoided. 


The following behavior must be maintained when having a meal

1. Do not talk, laugh or cry with food in the mouth

   a. You may choke on the food.

   b. It is disgusting to see another person’s mouth open with chewed food in it.


2. Chew food with the mouth closed.


3. When eating, ensure that your plate or container is close to you.


This prevents food or soup from spilling onto your clothes as you eat.

You should also sit close to the table.


4. Take reasonable quantities of food at a time.

   a. It is easier to eat smaller amounts of food and it gives you space in the mouth to chew.

   b. It also prevents choking.


5. Food should be chewed properly before it is swallowed.

This makes it easy for food to be digested. It is also easy to swallow the food that is well chewed.


6. Do not lick your fingers during and after meals.

If you still need more food to ask for another helping.

Instead of licking the fingers, you should get a tablecloth and wipe your hands.

After meals, wash your hands properly with soap.


7. When eating, sit with your back straight and do not lean on the table.

8. Do not chew bones and spit them on the table.

9. Do not reach for sugar and salt if they are far from you. Ask the nearest person to pass them to you.


Good table manners.

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