God's Help and Self Help

The body is the temple of God

(Romans 12:1 - 2, 1 Corinthians 6:13, 19 - 20)

- God bought us.

- He paid for us with the blood of Christ.

- We should therefore honour Him and our bodies because we belong to Him.

- Sins against the body such as sexual and drug abuse are sins against the Holy Spirit for He dwells in us.

- The Bible says that we should offer up our bodies to God as a holy sacrifice to be used for His purpose.

- We should therefore not let other people spoil our sacrifice.

- We should seek God’s will for our lives and follow it.

a) Our body and drugs/drug abuse

(Ephesians 5:18) Young's Literal Translation (YLT)

---- and be not drunk with wine, in which is dissoluteness, but be filled in the Spirit, ---

Some of the drugs include: Cigarettes, bhang, cocaine, marijuana, Heroin etc.


These drugs affect our body systems in different ways such as:

  • Cigarettes cause lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma and pneumonia. 

- Cigarettes contain tar, nicotine and carbon which are harmful to our bodies.

  • Bhang causes irritation and pain in the lungs, deteroriation of the brain cells, distorted perception, reduced fertility, in women, hostility and careless behaviour. 

b) Sexual misuse

(Romans 1:24 - 27)

  • We should not dishonour the body by satisfying it's sinful sexual desires. 
  • Men should not marry fellow men - 1Corinthians 6:9-11.
  • The wicked because of their immoral practices will not see the kingdom of heaven - Galatians 5:19. 
  • Prostitution, homosexuality, rape, incest, adultery and fornication are all ways of sexual misuse
  • Sex is allowed only in marriage.


Effects of sexual misuse (Deutronomy 28:20-22)

  • There are STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) which are very dangerous to our health. Some of these are: 

1. Syphilis - affects the blood and the spinal chord.

2. Gonorrhea - causes sterility and blindness in children born to an infected mother. 

3. HIV/AIDS - No cure on earth except for the intervention by GOD Himself.

  • Early pregnancies are another result of sexual misuse. Pupils, especially the girls drop out of school in order to take care of the baby.
  • Sexual misuse can also result to early marriages, abortions, guilt and stress both to the affected and their families.