Points to Remember

Points to remember in composition writing

  1. Maintain good handwriting from the beginning of your composition to the end – write all letters clearly and correctly.
  2. Place the punctuation marks only where and when necessary. They must also be indicated clearly and correctly.
  3. Always create an outline before writing a composition. The outline will help you build your story ensuring proper flow of events.
  4. Construct your sentences carefully, correctly and sensibly using simple words.
  5. Avoid difficult vocabulary – use words which you are sure of the meanings.
  6. Be creative and sustain the attention of the reader. Use similes, proverbs, idiomatic and phrasal expressions appropriately in order to add flavour to your composition.
  7. Go through your work after writing in order to minimize the number of careless mistakes.
  8. Avoid long sentences by making proper use of the punctuation marks.
  9. Avoid directly translated sentences from mother tongue or Kiswahili to English. 
  10. Be time conscious – your composition should neither be too long nor too short.
  11. Carry out spelling exercises, read story books, articles and magazines in order to widen your vocabulary and sentence construction.
  12. Exercise speaking of English – a good speaker you are so shall you be a good writer.