Composition Factors

Factors in good composition writing

There are six factors necessary for a good composition.

  1. Theme

  2. Mood

  3. Tense

  4. Suspense

  5. Conflict

  6. Colour

  1. Theme: Is the topic. The story should evolve around the theme. There could be a dramatic twist in the story.
  2. Mood: These are the sorrows, joys, sadness, happiness, excitement, and other feelings that the main character experiences in the story. The reader should experience the same moods.

  3. Tense: Choice, use and maintenance of the correct tense results to accuracy in a composition.

  4. Suspense:This could be created by introducing unexpected twists in your story. Let the reader ask some questions. The questions should be rhetoric always.

  5. Conflict: Always give the main character a problem. Let the main character be seen getting into a problem, the struggle and final freedom.

  6. Colour: Involves the use of all the grammar learnt, parts of speech, idiomatic expressions, doubles, proverbs and similes. These should appear naturally in the composition.