Imaginative Composition

- Imaginative events are greatly required in this type of composition. Create good ideas from your mind.

- You should always remember that you are writing about something that has never happened to you.

- Make your composition as interesting as you can so that you arouse the readers curiosity.

- This will keep the reader longing for more striking events to come.


Sample composition 1

A terrifying dream

I had gone to the forest to fetch firewood with my friends. We were busy story-telling and somehow lost track of time. When we realized it was getting late, we hastily started collecting firewood. I was not experienced in this kind of work so I did it at my usual slow pace.

Within two shakes of a lamb’s tail, my friends had collected enough firewood and were ready to leave. Since I was only halfway through, I tried to beg them to wait for me but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. Everyone had other chores to do before supper time. I watched them sadly as they went away balancing heavy firewood on their heads.

After they had disappeared in the horizon, I continued collecting firewood. Sooner than I had wished, darkness fell. The night was as silent as a deserted cemetery. It was the kind of night that people in my village believed that evil spirits roamed about in the dark. I stood aghast, glued to the ground not daring to move a single muscle because I was afraid of darkness. I then sat on my bundle of firewood and began weeping bitterly, praying that someone will hear my cry.

No sooner had I opened my swollen eyes than I saw a dim light at a distance. I automatically knew that it was my father who had come to my rescue. As the light was drawing closer and closer, I started getting excited. When the person finally arrived, I sighed in relief. The stranger then spoke in a hoarse voice saying, “I am very fond of saving little children. I will therefore take you to my house for the night then in the morning I will take you to your parents.”

Having no better option, I arose to follow the stranger. We got deeper and deeper into the forest then we came to a clearing. A thatched house stood in the middle of this clearing. The man led me in and offered me a stool to sit on. All this time, I had not seen the man’s face as it was very dark.

The man offered me a place to sleep. I was too exhausted that as soon as I stretched on the bed, I fell asleep. I never slept soundly that night partly because of the strange voices I was hearing. With one eye open, I quickly looked around the room and what I saw nearly made me jump out of my skin. In the ceiling board of the house, different types of skulls had been hanged. There were bones all over the floor of the room and the smell was terrible. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door.

I felt as helpless as an infant. I knew my only weapon was to remain still and silent. The door slowly opened and what I saw almost made me kick the bucket. At the door stood two creatures. They looked more like monsters than human beings. Their faces were nothing but a network of pimples. They had claws instead of nails, shabby hair and their eyes seemed to have popped out of their sockets. Truly, they looked like the most brutal creatures on earth. I gazed at them, completely terrified and taken aback.

As the creatures moved forward, I suddenly gave out a blood-curdling scream. The monsters simply sneered as they stretched out their claws, ready to pounce on me. I sprang out of bed, leaving my blankets swirling behind me. Cold sweat dripped down my face and back. My heart was beating fast and I was out of breath. I stood rooted on the floor, wondering what step to take next. The monsters were now a few steps away from me. One of them got hold of my shoulders and opened its mouth wide.

Instead of a hungry growl, I heard a sweet golden voice. It was my mother waking me up. I could not believe my eyes for it was only but a dream. 


Sample composition 2

A village attack

It was a beautiful evening in the village. The cows were coming back from the grazing fields as the sunset coloured the sky. When darkness fell, there was maximum silence that reflected the peaceful environment of the village. Suddenly, the stillness of the night was disrupted by loud bangs on the main doors of houses. The village was under attack. Panic gripped the villagers; men, women and children were running helterskelter scampering for safety. Wails of ‘Ui! Ui!’ from the terrified villagers could be heard.

The village attackers, who had forcefully found their way into peoples’ homes, were armed to the teeth. Some of the men had shaggy hair with evil glints in their eyes. Others had long dreadlocks, blood shot scary eyes and protruding noses. The thieves removed from their pockets well sharpened knives and used them to scare the villagers to give in to their demands. The villagers refused to obey. They united and attacked their attackers mercilessly and in a spur of the moment, quite a number of the attackers lay dead in pools of blood.

Shouts of “Ua! Ua!” from the enraged villagers filled the air. Some of the thieves escaped death narrowly. The villagers caught them unawares and kicked them hard, leaving them sprawling on the ground, writhing and groaning in pain. The thieves produced deafening screams as they pleaded for mercy but all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

From a distance, the siren of the police vehicles could be heard. The thieves were seized by the police before they could escape. They were dragged to the nearest police land rover and driven to the local police station. Women in the village ululated as men sang and danced vigorously expressing their heroic victory. The villagers felt the splendour of their victory.

That was a night they will live to remember.