Speech Writing

A speech is a formal talk or the power to speak to a given audience. In writing a speech, the exact words spoken by the speaker are quoted by using speech marks (“…”). Speech marks are also known as quotation marks or opening and closing inverted commas.

A speech is not complete without the use of speech marks. The use of indirect or reported speech can also be applied. In reported speech, quotation marks are not used.

Speech delivered by the D.E.O

The long awaited day had finally come – prize giving day. We arranged benches, tables and chairs at the venue where the function was to take place. The place where the guest of honour and the distinguished guests were to sit had been beautifully decorated. After a short wait, the master on duty ordered all pupils to converge at the venue. Parents and other guests thronged the venue and at exactly eleven o’clock in the morning we heard the hooting of a vehicle and we knew that the D.E.O, Mr. Chakaya, who was the guest of honour, had arrived. We clapped continuously as we gave him a standing ovation.

The master of ceremonies brought the function to order and guided us through the day’s programme. Pupils performed various entertainment items. Then the headteacher encouraged everyone to feel free and called upon the D.E.O to deliver his speech. The D.E.O made slow but deliberate steps. Moving closer to the microphone he cleared his throat noisily and began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, pupils, good morning. As you all know education is the key to life. We are all gathered here to celebrate the good results of the candidates of the previous year. They worked hard tirelessly and gave us the highest mean score the school has ever had. This school also produced the best girl in Western province. This kind of performance has been routine now for a period of six years. I urge the candidates of this year to double their efforts in academics and perform even better so that they continue raising the flag even higher. Last year we had a total of one hundred and fifty registered candidates out of which only two failed.

Continuation of the Speech delivered by the D.E.O

The best performed subject was English followed by Science then Kiswahili. I now call upon those teachers who taught those subjects to come forward and receive their token of appreciation. Next, I call upon the pupils that led in every subject to come for their presents as well. Lastly, I thank all of you for putting your busy schedules aside to attend this function. I wish you a safe journey as you travel back to your various destinations. Thank you.”

Once more there were cheers from all corners. The headteachers stood up and thanked the DEO for his speech. He then thanked all the guests, parents and pupils for attending the ceremony. Visitors left at their own pleasure as we carried the pieces of furniture back to the dining hall. That day, we went home feeling exhausted but feeling extremely happy that the day had been a great success.