Writing Dialogue

A dialogue is a conversation between two people. A story that has conversation in it is often more interesting than one without. In writing a dialogue, speech or quotation marks are used.


“May I have your driving licence please,” said the policeman to the motorist.

“I do not have it with me,” said the motorist. “I must have left it at home.”

“I have heard that story many times before. The licence please, or else….”

Sometimes speech marks are not used and you will find dialogues like this. This dialogue took place in a market. 

How dialogue improves your composition

The use of dialogue improves your composition in at least four ways:

  • helps you to show rather than just tell.
  • moves the story forward at a fast pace.
  • draws the reader closer to the action of the story.
  • gives the reader the feeling of being there.

You are therefore encouraged to use dialogue or direct speech in your compositions at every opportunity, making sure you use it correctly.