Keeping a Diary

What is a diary? 

- A diary is a book in which you record what you do and what happens to you every day.

- You may, for example, be on a holiday safari and you may want to write about things of interest that you see.

- Your diary may look like this:


3rd April 

Set out from home for Mombasa with the rest of the family. saw plenty of wildlife- giraffe, zebra, elephant – on the way. had lunch at Sultan Hamud. arrived Mombasa 6:30 pm. spent the night at Diani Beach Hotel.

4th April 

Swam in the Indian Ocean. collected sea shells.

5th April 

Visited Fort Jesus watched slides on the history of the Fort

6th April 

Visited the Kilindini Harbour. saw the loading and unloading of ships. Kenya Ports Authority. Changamwe Oil Refinery. had a ride on a ferry.