Assessment questions

Find a letter of the alphabet to stand for each of the following.

Example: It is grown in Kericho as a cash crop.

                The answer is T

1. It makes honey.

2. In grammar, it is the second person singular and plural.

3. A question we often ask to demand an explanation.

4. A huge expanse of salty water

5. It is eaten and is similar to a bean.

6. Make a line standing behind each other, for example in a pst office.

7. You can't see without it.

8. We often say it when we remember something.

9. It is the plural of 'is'.

10.What is 'yes' without 'y'?

In each of the following pairs, the same letter ends first word and begins the second. Write the words.

Example: kin_       kind

                 _rink    drink

1. res_      _est

2. fi_       _ive

3. lea_       _een

4. sa_        _ea

5. ki_         _ick