Assessment questions

A. For each of the sentences below, choose the word which means the same as the underlined words.

1. The hands of a watch move in a circle.

A. come back

B.  repeat

C. revolve

D. return


2. You are free to leave.

A. may

B. should

C. have to

D. must


3. Many people who have children do not seem to understand the usefulness of planting more trees.

A. men

B. women

C. elders

D. parents


4. My father keeps cows, sheep, goats and camels on his ranch

A. animals

B. continuously

C. regularly

D. repeatedly


5. It rained without stopping for two days.

A. continually

B. continuosly

C. regularly

D. repeatedly


B. For each of the sentences numbered 1-5, choose the word or words which could best complete the sentences.

1. We arrived very late because our bus broke _____.

A. up

B. up side down

C. down

D. off


2. The driver who caused an accident was accused _____ careless driving.

A. of

B. with

C. on 

D. about


3. Margaret is not as tall _____ Nancy.

A. like

B. than

C. as

D. compared to


4. Mr. Onyango has given _____ fishing.

A. in

B. out

C. away

D. up


5. _____ are planning to go to Isiolo by bus.

A. Peter and i

B. I and Peter

C. him and Peter

D. they and i