Assessment questions

A. Write the following sentences and underline the words that have been used metaphors.

1. His hungry eyes were glued to me.

2. Angry winds ripped off the roofs of our classrooms.

3. When he saw his enemy, the poison of his hatred boiled inside him.

4. In front of the Headmaster, the bully was mere insect inside  a spider's web trapped and helpless.

5. Houses of mud and card-board have mushroomed right next to the city centre.

6. I have set my hand on the plough of self- improvement.

7. The atmosphere was electric as she rose to speak on the debate.

8. Pangs of hunger stung his stomach

9. The tress swayed in the wind, defying all efforts to be uprooted.

10. The shadows crouched beneath the tres at midday, as if ready to pounce on some invisible enemy.