Assessment questions

1. Salim and Kanje divided Sh. 120 in the ratio 3:5 respectively. The next day they had Sh. 240 which they divided so that Kanje received the same amount as he had got the previous day. In what ratio did they divide the Sh. 240.


2. In a class the ratio of boys to girls is 7:8. If there are 21 boys in the class, how many girls are there in five such classes?


3. Arnold bought a handkerchief and after washing, it shrunk. If the length decreased from 30 cm to 18 cm, in what ratio did it decrease?


4. The price of a text book rose from Sh. 80 to Sh. 120. In what ratio did the price of the book increase?


5. Britney's Mathematics average increased from 70% to 90%. Calculate the ratio of increase.


6. 3 exercise books cost Sh 60, find 

a) The cost of 1 exercise book.

b) The cost of 10 such books.

c) The cost of 100 such books.


7. 6 men can dig a piece of land in 9 hours. How long will it take 3 men? 


8. Mildred hired 10 contractors to to construct dog kennels in 12 days. 4 of her workers failed to turn upfor the job. How many more days did it take to complete the work?


9. a) 6 men can dig a garden in 4 days if they were joined by some men and the work was done in 3 days, How many more men had joined them?

   b) 15 men can do a job in 24 days. How many more men must be employed to to finish the job in 10 days?


10. Tap A fills a tank in 20 minutes. Tap B fills the same tank in 10 minutes. Tap C empties the tank in 40 minutes. How long would it take to fill the tank if all the 3 taps are opened at the same time?