Assessment questions

Complete the following proverbs

1. Success does not come _____.

2. Make hay _______.

3. Once bitten _______.

4. Slow _____.

5. Don't count your chicken ______.

6. Every cloud ______.

7. Time and tide wait for no _______.

8. Cut your coat accirding to your _____.

9. All work and no play make Jack a _____ boy.

10. A bad beginning makes a good _____.


Exercise 2

Mr. Dzoro loves using proverbs but he has poor memory. He often says his proverbs incorrectly. Write the proverbs correctly for him.

1. A man's office is his castle.

2. Better late than ever.

3. Two birds in the bush are worth one in hand.

4. A rolling moss gathers no stones.

5. Cut your cloth according to your coat.

6. Do not put all your hens in one basket.

7. One man's meat is poisoned for another.

8. Inventiuon is the daughter of necesssity.

9. Hit one bird with two stones.

10. Let sleeping dogs sleep.