Assessment questions

The suffix -ful, -less, -ly, -ment and -ish

Add suffix -ish to the words in brackets and use them to complete these sentenses.

1. The guest of honour was in a ______ (blue) suit.

2. Our teacher emphasised that she did not entertain ______ (child) behaviour.

3. All the fruits looked ______ (red) in colour and were mouth-watering.

4. The man speaks with a _____ (scot) accent. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get his words.

5. Our KCPE English paper looks ______ (pink) in colour.


Use the correct form of word of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. Peninah's wedding was very ______ (colour) with the bride and bridegroom looking  ______. (wonder)

2. Transport is the _____ (move) of goods and poeple from one place to another.

3. It is important to seek _____ (treat) whenever you experience strange symptoms in your body.

4. After her husband's burial, she felt completely  ______ (hope) because he had been the breadwinner of the family.

5. The free ______ (entertain) to the orphans was a great _____ (involve) of the public in caring for the unfortunate in our society.

6. His ______ (lazy) cost him a lot in terms of opportunity and money.

7. The house caught fire and the neighbours broke down the door to try and save the _____. (value)

8. We have to show a lot of _____ (commit) to our jobs if at all we intend to succeed.

9. The more we read books, the more we become ______. (knowledge)

10. The heat was _____ (bear) and everybody took of their sweaters.


Add either suffix -scope or -ometer to the following and say what the instruments so formed are used for.

  1. tele-
  2. thermo-
  3. bar-
  4. micro-
  5. speed-
  6. chron-
  7. stetho-
  8. hygr-
  9. anem-
  10. peri-
  11. lact-
  12. alt-


Work on the meaning of the words from the prefixes.

  • irrelevant 
  • supernatural
  • regain
  • prefix
  • improper
  • polytechnic
  • return
  • superstar
  • semitransparent
  • rejoin
  • mini-budget
  • transfer
  • pre-wedding
  • semiquaver
  • transKenya