Assessment questions

Form adverb from the words in the brackets and use them in the sentences below.

1. He could ______ (scarce) see anything the following day after being attacked by the hooligans on his way home.

2. The exercise is ______ (wrong) done and has to be redone to eliminate mistakes.

3. The girl ______ (innocent) followed the man who promised to buy her sweets only for him to turn into a rapist.

3. The house is ______ (beautiful) decorated and one cannot avoid admiring it. 

4. The cat ______ (noise) entered into the cupboard and made away with a whole kilogramme of meat.

5. The children from poor homes ______ (joy) clapped as they received gifts from the world vision.

Adverb of degree or (intensifiers)

Place the intensifer in the bracket in their correct positions in the following sentenses.

1. The weather was fine and it favoured the occupation. (quite)

2. The noise of the ship was loud. We had to close our ears. (very)

3. He was rich but poor. (material, spirit)

4. He was injured after a bad road accident which made him bed ridden for six months.