Assessment questions

Use the following determiners to fill the blank spaces.

1. We hardly have ______ sugar in the food store.

2. Give him ______ food; ha has not eaten for many days. 

3. ______ table over there is reserved for the quest of honour.

4. ______ dough will not rise unless you add more yeast.

5. I am afriad that ______ of the participants have not arrived yet.

6. ______ books do not belong to me; please take them to the teacher on duty.

7. "I am afriad there is _____ bread." The shopkeeper told the neatly dressed man. 

8. Have you checked whether you have _______ water to last for a week? The pipes have run dry.

9. My newly tailored skirt resembles ______ one worn by the brown lady.

10. "______ are nice apples mummy. where did you buy them?"


Use of determiners with plural nouns

1. ______ people did not attend the party, they preferred to go to church instead. 

2. Have you seen ______ teachers before coming to my office?

3.  ______ guests have already arrived. I believe we can know start the meeting. 

4. To succeed in life, one requires ______ hard work and determination.


Complete the sentenses below and give your answerin affirmative, interrogive and negative form

1. ______ of his employees got a salary increment.

2. ______ people are unhappy when children are abused.

3. Tina nad Martin were friends; they ______ joined law school at the sane time. 

4. The guests ______ arrived a few minutes after ten o'clock.

5. Liz ______ been following the story narrated by the teacher.


Use of determiners with uncountable nouns

Complete the following sentences using the words given below. Some blank can take more than one answer.

1. Most athletes do _____ practise in the morning when they practise running cross country.

2. Is there ______  equipment to be used by all the competotors?

3. The new coach should make sure that he gives ______ advice to his team before it leaves for the olympic games.

4. My father sent us _____ christmas greetings from Florida, via email.

5. One has _____ pain to bear after sustaining a serious injury during the steeplechase race.

6. You need ______ courage to be able to competently challenge the world marathon champions.

7. We have ______ time to relax before the start of the field events.

8. We need to exercise _____ humidity and cooperation in order to make this event a success.

9. ______ energy is required for one to be able to throw a hammer a distance of eighty metres.

10. Have you got ______ money in your pocket? I hope you don't ming lending ______ to me.


Use determiners 'a' 'an' or 'the' where necessary

1. It was an interesting competition which attracted the young and the old from all over the country.

2. An eigth year old boy was given an award for successfully completing the long walk called, 'The hunger walk campaingn.'

3. A person who officiated over a soccer match is called a referee.

4. In the olympic Games, the wrestlers try to outwit each other in the wrestling competition.