Assessment questions

Relative pronoun

Use who to join the following pairs of sentences.

1. The players played well. They finally won the football match.

2. The athlete withstood te extreme heat. He broke the world record. 

3. The school captain is hardworking. He is respected by the rest of the pupils.

4. Anita was praised by all the teachers. She maintained body cleanliness and self control.

5. She is a green grocer. She sells fruits. green vegetables and other perishable goods.

6. Someone does not want to bargain. He always buys itemsat the marked price.

7. A shopkeeper weighs his sugar when he is not busy. He does not want to lose a lot of time with his customers.


Use whose to join the following pairs of sentences.

1. David is an author. His bokk talks about social values.

2. This is the lady. Her daughter joined a presigious school last year.

3. The woman's money was stolen by a pickpocket. She given her the busfare by a good samaritan.


Join the sentences below using the words enclosed in brackets.

1. The judges listened to the evidence. It was brought to the court by witnesses. (which, that)

2. Why can't you pay attention to the story? The story will be given by the respondent. (that, which)

3. Do you remember the evidence? You produced that evidence before this honourable court. (that)

Relative clauses introduced by who or whose 

Fill the blank using the pronoun who and whose where necessary

1. Janga is the boy _____ sputum had blood in it. Mr Wanyama advised him to go for a T.B test.

2. Some people ______ take care of HIV and AIDS patients end up contracting the virus especially when they do not wear protective gloves while attending to the patients.

3. I am searching for the patient _____ blood has not yet been screened before it is transfused to the patients.

4. Have you seen the nurse ______ sister gave a talk on the risky cultural practices last Friday?