Assessment questions

Countable and uncountable nouns

Identify and uderline all the noun in the sentences below, stating whether they are countable or uncountable noun.

1. The marooned boats were towed to the dock during the day. 

2. We collected sea shells at the beach.

3. There was lightning last night.

4. We enjoyed our holiday in Mombasa.

5. THre was sunshine during the day. 


Choose the correct word from the bracket to fill the blanks.

1. How ______ (much, many) more time do you need to complete this exercise.

2. Please, give me ______ (another, other) two weeks in which to give you the ______ (many, correct) information.

3. We stayed in eldoret for ______ (much, several, more) days before we headed for Lodwar.

4. ______ (many, more, some) of the members attended AGM than we expected. It was a very successful meeting.

5. "I don't have ______ (some, and several) time to waste on petty issues." said Ole twala  impatiently.