Assessments questions


a) Meaning of Christian freedom

1. Differentiate between secular freedom and Christian freedom

2. Which  of the following statements is True about secular freedom

    A. It is always practised with the will of God in mind

    B. It is always practised by Christians

    C. It is kind that may not consider whether it pleases God or not

    D. It entails doing contrary to what one wants

3. Koech believes that " a Christian is free to do anything he/she wants" What advice can you give him?

4. Which  of the following is NOT true about Christian freedom?

     A. Christian freedom means being free from sin's bondage

    B. Christian should only do what the word of God permists

    C. Doing God's will sometimes entails going contrary to one's desires

    D. Christians are free to do whatever they want anytime,anywhere as they ate now under grace in jesus not under the law Moses

5. Explain why we should avoid doing some things even of we think this goes against our personal freedom.

6. The picture shows an event in the life of Jesus Christ, the event took place in

      A. Mt. Sinai                             B. Golgotha

      C. Garden of Gethsemane       D. Galilee



b) Jesus Christ shows His obedience to God

1. Describe one way through which showed obedience to God.

2. "Get up and pray that you will not fall into temptation".These were words said by Jesus on

    A. he night of His ascension

    B. the night of His arrest

    C. the day of His crucifixion

     D. the day of His resurrection

3. Which of the following words of Jesus show His obedience to God MOST even in the face of diffult times?

    A. "I came to seek that which was lost"

    B. "Yet not what i want,but what you want"

    C. "It is  finished"

    D. "For this reason did l come"


c) Jesus Christ's respect for authority

1. Explain how Jesus showed respect to authority

2. People can show respect to authority in all the following ways except

    A. keeping the laws of the land

    B. respecting rulers

    C. paying taxes

    D. praying for ungodly leaders to die

3.Which of the following is True about obedience to authority

    A. God wants us to obey authority

    B. We should comply when told by leaders to do evil things

    C. Obedient people find themselves in trouble with the country's laws

    D. Children should obey authority whether they are abused in the process or not


d) Personal freedom

1. Which of the folllowing is Not true about personal freedom?

    A. Personal freedom should be used responsibly

    B. We should not use our personal freedom to interfere with others's freedom

    C. We should use our personal freedom to gratify all our desires

    D. We should not use our personal freedom to engage in drug or substance abuse

2. Give two ways in which we can use our personal freedom to serve others

3. List two ways in which personal freedom can be abused

4. Give one promise in the Bible given to those who honour their parents.


f) Loyalty to the state

1. What is treason?

2. In Kenya,treason is punishable by

    A. death                       B.  life imprisonment

    C. 10 years' jail term   D. 30 years' jail term

3. Give one offence that is classified as treason.


g) Being led by the Holy Spirits

1. List down the gift of the holy spirit.

2. Name the fruits of the holy spirit.

3. ____ was afraid to lead the israelites to flight the Midianities because he came from the weakest clan in Israel.

4. State 4 roles of the holy spirit in a christian life.

5. ____ is the ability to tell what will happen in future.

6. Preaching is best described as ____.

    A. speaking in tongues

    B. telling ofthers about the gosple of Jesus Christ

    C. praying for the sick to get well

   D. interpreting spiritual language

7. The angle of the Lord appeared to Gideon when he was ____ at a village called Aphrah.

    A. singing

    B. looking after sheep

    C. threshing wheat 

    D. farming

8. In Acts 8:26-40, we are told the Ethiopian Eunuch was reading from the book of ____.

9. All the following are done by the Holy Spirit except

    A. encourage chrisians

    B. healing the sick

    C. helping christians to tell lies

    D. helping christians to be kind to one another

10. ____ means togetherness or oneness.