Assessment questions

A. Suffering, death and resurrection

i) Causes of suffering

1. What is suffering?

2. Which of the following is TRUE about sufffering?

A. It is always physical

B. It is unpleasant

C. It is never mental

D. God is happy when we suffer

3. Explain five causes of sufffering.

4. Sirma has done something wrong. He is feeling condemned in his conscience for what he has done.

i) Explain what type of suffering he is experiencing

ii) Explain how Sirma can be helped in a Christian way.


ii) Pain and suffering

1. Differentiate between pain and suffering.

2. Explain three types of suffering.

3. The type of suffering that jesus went through as the Roman soldiers whipped Him with lashes was MOSTLY

A. mental

B. emotional

C. physical

D. none of the above

4.The type of suffering Jesus went through when He sawHis mother and His beloved disciple looking at Him while He was on the cross was MOSTLY.

A. Mental

B. emotional

C. physical

D. none of the above

5. Which type of suffering between physical and emotional is more difficult to heal?Give reasons for your answer

6. The picture alongside shows an angry girl pointing at another. What kind of suffering do you think the victim will undergo in this case? Explain.


7. The picture below shows a man who is suffering. What kind of suffering is it? What may cause such suffering?



iii) Jesus Christ triumphs over pain and suffering

1. Which of the following  prophets expressly foretold suffering of Christ?

A. Moses

B. Elijah

C. Micah

D. Isaiah

2. Explain how jesus experienced pain and suffering on earth.

3. How did Jesus triumph over pain and suffering?

4. Explain the purpose of the suffering of Christ.

5. The disciple who denied jesus three times was

A. Simon Peter

B. Judas

C. Philip

D. Nathaniel

6. The picture alongside shows Roman soldiers whipping Jesus Christ. The Bible says that by these stripes we were 

A. cursed

B. blessed

C. healed

D. built


iv) Purpose of suffering

1. Which of the following is NOT true about suffering in the Christian life?

A. Suffering is part of Christian life

B. Christians should embrace suffering with an attitude of joy

C. Suffering may help us in showing the power of God to others

D. God never allows any of His children to suffer

2. Explain how suffering may strengthen our faith.


v) Martyrdom

1. Who is a martyr?

2. Which of the folowing was part of the Uganda martyrs?

A. Charles Lwanga

B. Stephen Lwanga

C. Charles Mwanga

D. Simon N'kunga

3. The first New testament martyr who was stoned to death was

A. Paul

B. Stephen

C. Peter

D. John

4. Which of the following was NOT  a mantyr ?

A. Stephen

B. James

C. Peter

D. John


vi) Christian suffering today

1. Which of the following statements is Trueabout Christian suffering today?

A. There are no more Christian martyrs today

B. Christians still suffer in many ways today

C. Today Christians sue anyone who violates their rights so they are feared

D. None of the above is correct

2. Explain the various ways in which Christians suffer at:

i) school

ii) the workplace

B. The early life of Jesus

1. Mention 3 things that angel Gabriel said about Jesus wnhe he visited Mary.

2. Why did Mary question angel Gabriel message?

3. Where was Jesus born?

4. Explain why Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem.

5. Name the people that came to see/visit baby Jesus.

6. The shepherds and the wise men went to see Jesus. Which group followed a star and which group went to find the baby because an angel told them where to look?

7. Explain why Herod wanted to know where baby Jesus was?

8. What are the three gifts which are mentioned being given by the wise men?

9. Explain why Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple.

10. Who was promised by God that he will not die until he sees baby Jesus

11. What do you learn from the dedication of Jesus in the temple.

12. During the baptism of Jesus what did the dove symbolize?

13. Who then were the first four disciples of Jesus in the bible?

14. Can you try narrating the story about their calling?

15. List the 12 disciples of Jesus.

16. Explain why Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.

17. What do you understand by Easter