1. Our bodies need food in order

   A. Not to feel hungry

   B. to provide energy, body repair and protection

   C. to fight diseases

   D. to stop malnutrition


2. A labourer who works in a building site needs food rich in 

   A. protein                  B. vitamins

   C. minerals               D. carbohydrates


3. The diagram below shoes a child suffering from a deficiency diseases.


 The child in the diagram is suffering from the disease called

   A. rickets                 B. marasmus

   C. anaemia              D. kwashiorkor


4. Which of the following foods are a good source of vitamins?

   A. pineapple, oranges, lemons

   B. bread, potatoes, sugar cane

   C. milk, eggs, porridge

   D. meat, beans, blood


5. What mineral should we take to make the teeth strong?

   A. Proteins                B. Carbohydrates

   C. Calcium                D. Nitrogen


6. Which one of the following food preservation method depend on electric energy?

   A. Dying                   B. Smoking

   C. Salting                 D, Freezing


7. A standard 8 pupil was asked to give causes for food poisoning for food suggested;

(i) Over-stayed food

(ii) Putting carrots

(iii) Chemicals

(iv) Cooking food

(v) Micro-organisms

Which of the following five were correct?

   A. (i), (ii), (iii)          B. (i), (iii), (v)

   C. (iii), (iv), (v)         D. (i), (iv), (v)


8. Which one of the following is NOT a reason for food presevation?

   A. Keeping food for future use

   B. Allowa easier tranpsrtation

   C. Preserved food is better in nutrients

   D. Preserved food may fetch better prices later


9. Packaging is NOT

   A. putting food in plates

   B. tinning food

   C. canning food

   D. bottling food


10.  What nutrients can be found when basking in the sun?

   A. Proteins       B. Vitamin D

   C. Vitamin       D. Carbohydrates


11. Ugali, rice and cassava all provide the body with

   A. Proteins           B. Vitamins

   C. Fibre               D. Carbohydrates


12. What causes kwashiorkor?

   A. lack of proteins in the diet

   B. lack of vitamins in the diet

   C. lack of cardohydrates in the diet

   D. Starvation


13. What causes marasmus?

   A. lack of proteins in the diet

   B. lack of vitamins in the diet

   C. lack of minerals in the diet

   D. Starvation


14. Protein in the diet help with

   A. Energy                B. Protection

   C. Bady repair         D. Immunity


15. Which one of the following does NOT decay?

   A. Poor preservation     B. Bacteria

   C. Poor storage             D. Drying


16. Harvested maize should never be stored when

   A. dry           B. cool

   C. wet           D. sprayed


17. The disease caused by lack of calcium in the body is called?

   A. Scurvy          B. Rickets

   C. Beriberi         D. Marasmus


18. Food decay can be described as 

   A. food going bad

   B. fresh food

   C. left over food

   D. cold food