1. Which one of the following best describes weather?

   A. A rainy places

   B. A sunny place

   C. The hotness or coldness of a place

   D. Wind blowing in the place


2. Which cloud is seen when it is raining?

   A. Nimbus            B. Cumulus

   C. Stratus             D. Cirrus


3. Which one of the following symbols is used to show a calm day?


4. What name is given to the moon when it has the shape shown below?

   A. Full moon         B. New moon

   D. Cresent            D. Gibbous


5. Name the planet that is closes to the sun

   A. Mercuty            B. Venus

   C. Earth                 D. Pluto


6. What is the use of a wind sock?

   A. To tell the strength of a wind

   B. To measure wind

   C. To reduce the force of wind

   D. To measure the amount of rainfall


7. Pupils of CPS made the following weather records

From the weather record, what did they observe on Wednesday afternoon?

   A. Cloudy and calm          B. Sunny and calm

   C. Windy and rainy          D. Cloudy and rainy


8. From the weather record, on which day was the weather calm and sunny?

   A. Wednesday              B. Friday

   C. Saturday                  D. Sunday


9. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE about the sky?

   A. The sky is above the earth surface

   B. The cloud, stars and moon are found in the sky.

   C. The sky is bright during the day and dark at night

   D. The sun can be seen in the sky at all times.


10. The diagram below represents a weather instrument.

What is the name of the instrument?

   A. Wind vane         B. Wind sock

   C. Rain gauge        D. Therometer


11. What is the use of the instrument shown in the diagram above?

   A. To measur the amount of rainfall

   B. To tell that it is raining

  C. To detect rain

  D. To measure the strength of rain


12. Which of the following statements is  NOT true about rain gauge?

   A. It is used to measure the amount of rainfall

   B. It should be placed where there are no buildings

   C. The funnel should be wide enough

   D. It should be thin and small


13. Which one of these planet is closest to the earth?

   A. Mercury     B. Mars

   C. Uranus      D. Pluto


14. The diagram below shows a wind vane. From the diagram, where is the wind blowing to?

   A.South                  B. East

   C. North                 D. West


15. Which planet has a ring around it?

   A. Jupiter                B. Uranus

   C. Saturn                 D. Venus


16. Which one of the following weathr instruments is NOT matched to its use?

   A. Wind vane ---> to measure the strength o wind

   B. Rain gauge ---> to measure the amount of rainfall

   C. Wind sock ---> to tell the direction of the wind

   D. Thermometer ---> to measure the temparature


17. Pupils of Ngware primary school were asked to draw symbols showing a cloudy and rainy day. Which of the following diagrams best represents this information?


18. Which one of these activities is not afected by weather?

   A. Farming                   B. Dressing 

   C. Plant growth            D. Reproduction

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