Airport  by  Jane James


Before you read

  • Name the airports in kenya
  • Name some of the signs found in airports
  • Name some of the people working in an airport
  • Give some of the airport vocabularies

Read now

Using the New English primary English text book read The Airport on page 105 to page 109


When does Matisho wear her uniform?
What does an aeroplane do when its about to land?
What does NO ENTRY mean when it is written on a door?
The children were aloud to go in the departure roon because:
a)Matisho was a stewardess
b)They were passegers
c)Matisho had got a permit for them
d)Anyone can go there
What do sterwards and stewardess do when a plane is about to land or take off?
What are the controls for an aeroplane for?

Questions to talk about

Do passengers have to check in at a bus station of a railway station?

Has anyone in your class flown in an aero plane? Ask them about it.
Sometimes we pretend we are someone else or that you are doing something exciting, as Nailantei did. Give some examples.
How would you have left if the car had a puncture if you were Nailanetei

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