Travel; The Airport.  by  Domiana Katiwa


Read the following with the correct pronunciation.

Engine, wipers, speedometer, wheel, rearlights, boot, jack, break, clutch, front wheel, oil, gauge, mudguard, mend, change wheel, windsreen, dashboard, safety headlights, steering, first aid kit, wheel spanner, pedal, acceleration, beltrear, bonnet, Puncture.

Answer the following questions.

1.The _____ shows the amount of oil in a vihicle.

2.What gives the car the power to move?

3.The opposite of rear wheels is _____ wheels.

4.If a sharp object makes a small hole in a tyre of a wheel of a vihicle the vihicle gets a _____.

5.Another name for repair is _____.

6.A _____ is an object that helps raise the car a little off the the ground.

7.The driver uses a ____ to loosen and tighten the nuts of a wheel.

8.A ____ is the instrument that shows the speed of a car.

9.The driver keeps all the things he may need for the vihicle in a place called _____.

10.When a driver wants to make a moving vehicle stop or reduce speed, he or she can step on the break ____.

11.The driver steps on the ____ pedal when he or she wants to change the gear.

12. ____ is when a vehicle gains speed or starts moving.

13.A driver puts his hands on the _____ to control the direction of the vehicle.

14.A ____ keeps away the wind, rain and dust from the driver.

15.The ____  are used to clear the windscreen of water for the driver to see clearly.

16.The small raised part infront of the driver and on the bottom inside of the windsreen is called a ____.

17. ____ lights are the lights  infront of the car and ____ ones are at the back.

18.A metal cover in a vihicle or a bicycle for preventing damage is called ____.

19.A _____ a box containing some items of first aid.


1.oil gauge.                      






7.wheel spanner






13.steerig wheel



16.dash board

17.head, rear


19.first aid kit