The constitution  by  Charles Monari


What is a constitution?

constitution is a set of rules which govern a country.



The first constitution was written in Lancaster, Britain, in 1962. The constitution has been changed many times since then. The constitution we have now was started in 2010.

Major elements of the constitution


  • Chapter I: Sovereignty of the people and Supremacy of the constitution
  • Chapter II: The Republic
  • Chapter III: citizenship
  • Chapter IV: Bill of rights
  • Chapter V: Land and Environment
  • Chapter VI: Leadership and integrity
  • Chapter VII: Representation of the people
  • Chapter VIII: Legislature
  • Chapter IX :The Executive
  • Chapter X : Judiciary
  • Chapter XI: Devolved Government
  • Chapter XII: Public Finance
  • Chapter XIII: The Public Service
  • Chapter XIV: National Security
  • Chapter XV: Commissions and Independent Offices
  • Chapter XVI: Amendment
  • Chapter XVII: General Provisions
  • Chapter XVIII: Transitional and Consequential Provision


Sovereignity , Kenya belongs to Kenyans

The republic, our leader is the president

Citizenship, we are Kenyans and belong to Kenya


 The bill of rights, we enjoy freedoms

In the bill of rights, we enjoy rights and freedoms

Right to;

  • Life
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Clean environment
  • Equality

Freedom of

1.Religion, belief, opinion


1.From discrimination
2.From slavery
3.To have security

Other chapters deal with the way the government is formed and the way the government should conduct itself.


1.The constitution of Kenya has how many chapters?
2.Which chapter has the bill of rights?
3.Kenya is a republic therefore the head of state in Kenya is  the ____
4.To belong to the religion of your choice is freedom of ____
5.Right to ______ prevents us from killing one another



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