1. What do you understand by being thankful?

- Showing gratitude to what someone else has done to you. Appreciating him or her. For instance you can appreciate:

  • Your parents for paying your school fees. 

  • Your mother for preparing you supper. 

  • Your teacher for teaching you.

  • Your sister for washing your uniform etc.


2. What are the importance of being thankful?

  • When you are thankfull you encourage other people to help you more.

  • It shows you haven't taken those who have helped you for granted.

  • You feel better in your life as a whole and more comfortable with them that have helped you.

  • Brings more peace in you.

  • Gratitude offers an emotional support to other people.

  • Being thankful is a way of training yourself to think positively about yourself and also about others.

  • Promote posive connections and relationships.

  • You open your mind to awareness of many things others take for granted.

3. Being thankful to God.

  • We thank God for creating us, in His own image and likeness.
  • We praise and thank God for His love for us as shown when He sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. 

  • We thank God for the gift of life.

  • For daily provision.
  • For daily protection and safety etc.

See the elements of God's care for us in Psalm 23