Charismatic renewal in the church in Kenya

  • Charismatic renewal is the growth of the church and the increase of Christian activities in our daily lives.
  • From the Holy Bible we read that disciples feared to continue with the work of Jesus Christ after He went up to heaven.
  • He sent them the Holy Spirit who gave them comfort and the strength to continue the good work.
  • All christians are children of God though they may be from different denominations.
  • Those who obey God are given the Holy Spirit who leads them renew worship in their countries or commmunities.
  • In Kenya,charismatic renewal is sseen in:
  1. The singing,dancing and joyous praise to God witnesssed in churches today.
  2. The many meetings and crusades where people declare their faith without fear.
  3. In these meetings,through the power of God,people are healed ,others receive the Holy Spirit the blind see and the deaf can hear.