Comprehension  by  Olpha Janduko


Read this passage and answer the questions that follows.

Once upon a time,there lived a hardworking man in Baraka village.His name was Tahidi his wife was Rehema.They all lived happily. After one year of their marriage,God blessed them with twin boy babies there names were Henry and Haron.Tahidi and Rehema were so happy to have the handsome babies.
   The two parents brought up their children in a Godly way.When they reached the age of schooling,they were taken to a good school in their village.Henry and Haron had respect both in school and at home.The teachers loved them so much.
   Unfortunately when the boys finished their secondary studies their father felt sick.The wife and her sons sold everything they had for Tahidi's medication.They were left with the shamba only.
   Tahidi in his sick bed thought that he should advise his sons before dying.He called them to his bedroom and asked them to sit. "My sons"in a weak voice he continued  I would like to give you my inheritance since I'm going to die".The boys were happy to hear that.
   "Look my treasure is in our shamba so you have to dig for you to be rich".Then Tahidi died. Henry and Haron didn't heed to their father's advice,they decided to leave the shamba undug,for they thought the task was hard.


After a few years,the two brothers became poor. They started collecting scrapes to sell like old sufurias, metals and ironsheets. Since they had nothing they did not marry.


1. What is the opposite of the word"hardwoking"
(A) difficult work
(B) lazy
(C) working faster
(D) a lot of work.
2. Which statement is false according to the passage?
(A) The babies were handsome.
(B) The boys parents were lazy.
(C) The boys parents were pleased to have them.
(D) The boys were taken to a good school.
3. Who was the bread winner in the family?
(A) Rehema
(B) Teachers
(C) Tahidi
(D) Children
4. What were the two boys told to do by their father?
(A) to collect scrapes
(B) to dig the shamba
(C) to sell the shamba
(D) to go to school
5. What is the meaning of the word bread winner as used in the passage?
(A) The one provides in the family
(B) Getting many loaves of bread
(C) Liking bread
(D) Selling bread
6. What did the boys do instead of digging the shamba?
(A) They ran away
(B) They went to school
(C) They started collecting scrapes.
(D) They sold the shamba.
7. Which statement is true according to the passage?
(A) The boys didn't marry
(B) The boys became rich
(C) The boys were obedient
(D) The were hardworking


  1. (B) Lazy.
  2. (B) The boys parents were lazy.
  3. (C) Tahidi.
  4. (B) To dig the shamba.
  5. (A) The onee who provides in the family.
  6. (C) They started collecting sccrapes.
  7. (A) The boys didn't marry.  

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