Reading: Moren’s problem  by  Olpha Janduko


  • Moren was a child like any other child. He lived together with his two siblings, father, mother, aunt and grandmother.
  • This family lived happily but Moren had one problem. His problem was he could get tired while eating before getting full.
  • Moren tried to make his problem known to his family but the message fell to deaf ears. lnstead they could enjoy sharing his food leaving him hungry. He lived in that situation for along time.
  • After class eight he managed to join a national school where he thought he will find help. In his school other students got a chance of enjoying Moren's food without minding.
  • One day Moren took his time and thought over and over again,"I cannot continue leaving in this situation. I have to do something. I have to try my level best and eat like others", That was decision. 
  • On the same day he sort advise from his friends, fortunately they advised him the same as his thoughts were. In the same evening he worked on the advise he was given. Surprisingly he managed and he was happy as a king.



1.Name the people who were living with Moren?
(a) Father,mother and children.
(b) Father,mother,grandmother.
(c) Father,mother,aunt and children.
(d) Father,mother,aunt,grandmother and two siblings.

2.What was Moren's problem?

(a) Eating a lot of food.
(b) He was sick.
(c) He got tired while eating.
(d) Feeling sad.

3.What did the family do to solve Moren's problem?

(a) Took him to hospital.
(b) Gave him a lot of food.
(c) Share Moren's food.
(d) Sent him away.

5.When did Moren find a solution to his problem?

(a) In high school.
(b) In class eight.
(c) At his old age.
(d) At the hospital.


1.Father,mother,aunt,grandmother and two siblings.
2.He got tired while eating.
3.Share Moren's food.
4.His friends.
5.In high school.