Typhoid  by  Prisca Mwikya


What is happening in the images above

1.What dangers can result from the use of the above water?

  • Getting sick due to use of dirty water
  • An example of a disease that can result when we take contaminated water is typhoid
  • Typhoid is caused by bacteria found in contaminated water and food
  • Which part of the body is affected by typhoid?
  • Typhoid fever affects the intestines


Signs and symptoms of typhoid

i.Abdonminal pain
iii.Severe headaces
iv.Rash on the skin
v.Aches in the joints and muscles


Prevention of typhoid

1.Wash hands with soap before handling food
2.Wash food that is eaten raw properly
3.Drink water that has been boiled or treated
4.Keep toilets and latrines clean


Work to do

1.List the symptoms and signs of typoid fever
2.Give five points on how to prevent typhoid