Appreciating health  by  JohnBosco Otundo


Look at the following pictures. Are these people healthy?

No! They have been attacked by germs ,which have made them sick.

Do you know the germs that make us sick?

They include:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Viruses
  3. Fungi

The following pictures show the germs that make us sick.

How do these germs make us feel?

  1. We get fever.
  2. We feel weak.
  3. We lose appetite.
  4. We cough.
  5. We lose weight.
What should we do when we are sick?

We should visit a doctor.


How can we keep ourselves safe from germs?

Keeping ourselves and  the environment clean.
Germs are kept away,when we keep ourselves and the environment clean but if we fall sick,we should visit a doctor. 

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