Kericho County


It has a population of 752, 396 according to 2009 census. Its capital and largest town is Kericho. Kericho County is home to the best of Kenyan tea which is renowned worldwide for its taste with its town square even known as Chai Square. Some of the largest tea companies including Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson Tea are based here. It is also home to the popular Ketepa brand.



Six constituencies:

  1. Ainamoi Constituency
  2. Belgut Constituency
  3. Bureti Constituency
  4. Kipkelion East Constituency
  5. Kipkelion West Constituency
  6. Sigowet – Soin Constituency

Physical features


  • Ewaso Ng’iro
  • Sondu, Mara
  • Njoro


  • The county has access to lake victoria


  • Kipsigis hill
  • lush green


  • Lambwe valley
  • Rift valley

Importance of physical features

  • Tourist attraction
  • They generate revenue for the county
  • Provides a natural habitat for animals, plants and birds

Types of natural vegetation

  • Forest vegetation (Mau forest)

Importance of vegetation

  • The topography describes the weather pattern of the county
  • The mau forest is home to birds indigenous plants and variety of animals

Map distribution of physical features

People and population

Language groups

  • Kipsigis, who are a part of the Kalenjin people.

Areas of high population density 

  • Kipkelion East Constituency
  • Kipkelion West Constituency

Areas of low population density 

  • Bureti
  • Sigowet–Soin

Social relations and cultural activities

Traditional way of life of the people


A favorite local meal is Maize meal(kimyet), enjoyed with vegetables and beef. An almost constant accompaniment is a glass of sour milk locally known as Mursik. Tea is also widely consumed in this area, taken three times a day; at dawn, at mid-morning and at four o’clock. Tea after the evening meal is also common.


  • Both men and women wore animal skin around there waist. Women wore then around their chest too. Skins from cows and sheep were used for dressing

Songs and dances

Traditional medical practices

Herbs were used an immediate relief to injuries among family members and friends. They had each clan had a specialist trusted with that particular responsibility. They a variety of plants that each treated a particular illness.


  • Birth and naming

According to Kipsigis names were given at birth, as individual matures, during initiation and has he/she marries. The name carries both the culture and identity of the person. Our cultural name tells where we belong to. The following factors were considered in naming;

Naming according to time of birth, events, ancestors, place of birth, seasons, the situation of birth, the character, body posture, after heroes and heroines to time of Birth

  • Initiation

The initiation also imparts traditional morals do's and don'ts such as "never kill a surrendered enemy" and "the loot should be abandoned if blood was shed in its procurement." Young men are taught they are the people's defense from the rest of the non-Kipsigis world. The Kipsigis believe that having no morals can do more harm than good. Girls return from initiation with the expectation they will soon be married.


  • Harvest

Harvest ceremonies were held in September and October respectively to mark the change in Seasons. They danced and sacrificed to mark and special occasion. Sacrifices were done by the elders dancing was done by young boys and girls.

  • Music

They made drums from animal skin which they used to produce beats that they used with their music.

Resources and economic activities


Cash crops and food crops grown

  • Tea is the major cash crop while sugarcane, coffee, pineapples, maize and vegetables are also cash crops.

Areas where the cash crops are grown

  • Kericho town is the home to Tea famers.

Types of livestock kept

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats


Areas where fishing is practiced

  • Chagaik dam

Major forests

  • Mau forest

Wildlife and Tourism

Types of wildlife 

  • Antelopes
  • Gazelle
  • Zebras
  • Hyena
  • Birds

Game parks and reserves

  • Markwryght African Safaris Day Tours

Major tourist attractions

  • Kericho Tea Plantations
  • Markwryght African Safaris Day Tours

Traditional industries

Products of traditional industries

  • Agriculture- tea and coffee
  • Mining – gravel for construction


Major trading centres

  • Kericho town is the main town and the major trading center