Health education  by  Rose Oduor


What is health education?



1.A mother is quenching her baby's thirst using a shoe.

2.This is not a good practice.
The water is likely to get contaminated and pass on germs to the baby.
How about this? Is it a healthy practice?

In the above picture:_

1.Women are washing clothes in a water body
2.A child is defecting in the water
3.Others are bathing in the water.
4.These are not healthy practices on a water body because:_
5.The same water is being drawn for domestic use.
The practices can cause diseases
What are these women doing?
What is being done to this baby?
A healthy environment is free from diseases.
What is being done to this baby? 
1.This baby is being immunized against communicable diseases
2.It is a very good health practice
The baby will have his immune system boosted
What clothing is the doctor wearing?How are they a healthy practice?

At the hospital:_

1.Doctors wear protective clothings which protects them and the patients from germs
2.This is a good health practice
Visiting the dentist at least once year is equally a good health practice
What is health education?

It is an education that increases people's knowledge and influences their behaviour and attitudes

In health education we can learn how to:

  • Promote  good health
  • Maintain good health
  • Restore good health


Construction sentences using the new vocabulary.

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