Harambee  by  Charles Monari


Harambee means pulling together Members contribute/pool resources It was started by Jomo Kenyatta It encourages people to work together and care for less fortunate in the society.

Harambee has led to building roads

Harambee has helped in building clinics

Harambee nursery school

Community safe house built by the community

Cattle dip in laikipia built through harambee

Harambeewater projects

Women contributing in women group

Harambee philosophy has led to;

  • Raising money to pay medical bills
  • Building of clinics, schools, buying utencils, paying school fees
  • Building cattle dips
  • constructing boreholes
  • Building  feeder roads

NB; all these has led to better standards of living


1.What is the meaning of ‘harambee’?
2.Who started harambee’ philosophy in Kenya?
3.Name five projects developed from ‘harambee’ spirit.


1.Pulling together
2.Jomo Kenyatta
3.Paying medical bill, building nursery schools, water projects, cattle dips, buying utencils, contributing money in ‘chama’, building feeder roads, contructing houses

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